Perryville offers incentives for new home construction


Perryville, Missouri - An adequate supply of attainable housing for all income levels is a goal of the City of Perryville, Perry County and the Perry County Economic Development Authority. They believe residential development in Perryville, Missouri, presents an immediate opportunity for housing developers. There are sufficient jobs to support those looking to live and work in Perryville and the demand for housing options is strong. This has been repeatedly confirmed through multiple conversations with realtors familiar with the Perryville real estate market and the recently completed Comprehensive Plan.
To address this challenge, city leaders approved a financial reimbursement program that will partner with developers and builders to construct residential housing units within the city’s limits. The program will provide a builder or developer with up to a $15,000 reimbursement per house, $12,000 per duplex, or $3,000 per unit in a multi-family complex if minimum construction standards are met.
“We are in year 2 of a 3-year commitment from the Board of Aldermen to financially support the construction of housing options in the City of Perryville,” said Brent Buerck, city administrator. “The city believes housing is our most limiting factor to growth and we are willing to invest in housing development alongside housing contractors.”

The program works by providing a reimbursement to each housing unit once construction is complete in the amount of $5,000 for water service, $5,000 for sewer service, and $5,000 for natural gas service for a single-family home. Duplexes are reimbursed at $2,000 per utility for each side of the duplex, and apartment buildings at $1,000 per utility for each unit constructed. Homes must be constructed in the Perryville city limits, and a developer agreement must be signed between the City of Perryville and the developer prior to the start of construction.
“Housing is in short supply in many communities nationwide. This challenge isn’t unique to Perryville, but city leaders are working together on a unique solution to help solve it,” said Crystal Jones, executive director of the Perry County Economic Development Authority.
Adequate tracts of land and infill lots are available within the city limits of Perryville for housing construction. Any interested builders or developers can contact Crystal Jones for more information at 573-547-1097 or