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Dear Editor, Dear Perry County, The direction of your community, the direction we go is up to you, get involved, be involved, stay involved to make Perry County the best it can be! Keep 9-11 Local … more
Dear Editor Unbelievably we’re getting some terrific positive responses to our calling attention to the calamity which is this mindless embrace of authoritarianism which so horrifically mimics … more
Would you like a mess on your road where you drive by it everyday or near your home? No? I don’t like to see it either. Why would people dump old furniture etc. on the side of country roads … more
Dear Editor, Ever heard of a “Pyramid Scheme”? They’ve been used by grifters and cons of every stripe at least since the mid-1800s to separate us from our money. They go something … more
Dear Editor, As the readers of this paper know, I regard Confiscation Connie, (who lurks outside Republican homes hoping to confiscate guns) as the Original Spin of Conservative Echo Chamber … more
Dear Editor 911 What’s your Emergency? Let me see if I have “most “ of the angles covered in the Battle to Keep 9-11 service specifically Local to Perry County.  Where many … more
Dear Editor Several questions for you. Do you care about this country? Do you care about your fellow human beings? Do you care about truth? Do you care about this world we live in: its air, water, … more
The future of our families, our communities, our nation and humanity itself is awaiting our courageous decision this November. We have a choice. Not a small choice. It’s a choice between … more
Dear Editor, We need immediate reform at the State Level in Jefferson City ! Dark Money forces that are aligned against life are pushing to enshrine thru lawfare Abortion on demand into our State and … more
Dear Editor, Open your eyes. See them? Human beings struggling through out God’s creation: Black, brown and white, Every one brought into it with immaculate, shining bright souls. See? All the … more
Dear Editor, How does a man plead guilty to five counts of sexual acts upon a child under the age of 14 and get no jail time? In the same county, in the same period of time, another man pleads guilty … more
Dear Editor, We are living in extraordinary times! We live in a time full of opportunity, yet mired in fear, but fear is the great motivating factor that presents itself as an opportunity to act! Do … more
Dear Editor, FACT-Every Republican recount of the 2020 election, and there were several in some states, showed the same result. Joe Biden won over Donald Trump sometimes with a few more votes than … more
Dear Editor, Are you like many of our friends, family, and neighbors? Do you believe we live in extraordinary times? Do you believe that we live in unprecedented times that call for historic action … more
Dear Editor For almost 80 years pundits and scholars have thought it hyperbolic to draw parallels between Nazi Germany and modern America, but Donald Trump echoed the Fuhrer recently, calling people … more
Dear Editor, Just off the Perryville Square stands a ‘Mr. Grinch’ atop his perch on Jackson Street. His presence there kept me apprehensive during the holidays. City workers, as described … more
Dear Editor If we can stand the increasing stench and scavengers, a careful forensic examination of that venerable old pachyderm of a party reveals decades old scars and more recent wounds along its … more
Gene Lyons , a newspaper columnist residing in Arkansas, is frequently featured in Cape’s Southeast Missourian. Mr. Lyons is almost certain there will not be a Biden/Trump Rematch in 2024. … more
Dear Editor I was disappointed to learn of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation to approve a special permit for the construction of a Dollar General store on Highway 61 South … more
Dear Editor Do you still pray? They say fear is one of the greatest motivating factors in our lives. It causes us to take action, to reach higher, dig deeper, and yes, thank God it causes us to pray. … more
Dear Editor I love to tell the story … Sometimes there is a message that is so clear that you cannot help but see it, a story that is so clear it cannot be denied. It has finally become … more
Dear Editor It’s deer season once again and I share all the excitement that goes along with it. For the young and old alike, it’s their most exciting time of year. For the past several … more
Dear Editor I would like to speak for the Perryville Community with this THANK YOU: Thank you, Denise and Susan; Thank you, donors of food and money; Thank you, volunteers and everyone else who … more
Dear Editor, “Over the Target” incoming fire , a hail of bullets we take! As we near our objective!  I have fought for Perry County Citizens for years , never asking for anything in … more
Dear Editor Are we Pro Life or just Pro brief, pitiful and ultimately culpable self-preservation? Think back. For some of us it’s way back. As a young child, one of God’s blessed children … more
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