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The day the verdict was reached in New York v. Trump will go down as a dark day in our nation’s history. The former president was convicted and could be thrown in jail over charges that should … more
Dear Editor Consistency over time matters. Truly serving your community matters. Especially when asking for nothing in return except that we would all pull together to serve. Most importantly, expect … more
Dear Editor I’m old enough to remember that iconic 1950s sci-fi drama, the original Twilight Zone. You’d see the creator, writer and host, Rod Serling slowly walking into view, the … more
Dear Editor A few days ago I developed a bad cough. It continued to get worse so I decided to go to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital Perry. Within a couple of minutes I was taken to a room. Dr. … more
Dear Editor Anyone who thinks Democrats are unduly harsh in their judgment of Donald Trump should listen to what his former Republican associates say about him. His former chief of staff for 18 … more
Dear Editor Oh how we have grown weary, President Trump “Loses” and COVID changes our lives forever! President Biden excoriates the will of the honest Men and Women of our country, day … more
Dear Editor Citizen Trump for the first time in his self-centered life has faced Justice. He’s responded like the contemptable little weasel he’s always been; blaming everyone around him … more
Missouri Legislature is broken. With a Republican majority in Jefferson City, a person would think that good conservative bills would be passed. That is not so. The state senate has 24 Republican … more
Dear Editor Tussin is an expectorant, in syrup form, whose active ingredient, guaifenesin, thins the phlegm in bronchial tubes, sinuses, and nasal passages thus making you cough and nasal discharge … more
Dear Editor The Faith Family and Freedom event is happening in Perryville on 6-8-24 at the American Legion. This event is not affiliated in anyway with the Republican Party and the Perry County … more
Exculpatory evidence (e-mails) in the Dominion Voting Machine Case against FOX News revealed that FOX anchors were acknowledging Joe Biden’s “fair and square” victory among … more
Dear Editor My Wife Missy and I have the great opportunity of a lifetime to head north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Republican National Convention and Represent Perry County and Missouri as … more
Dear Editor The Republican Club would like to thank everyone who attended our Lincoln Days event. We had a great showing of all local candidates and many statewide candidates who arerunning for seats … more
Dear Editor I had the honor last Saturday to be the keynote speaker at a wonderful Armed Forces Day Commemoration in Hillsboro. As a veteran, educator and citizen, I took the opportunity to remind … more
Dear Editor Two reflections: When addressing abortion, God begins the process of forming a new soul at conception. At that point we’re untested, untried, unexamined; until he brings us fully … more
Last week, President Biden called for the expiration of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Trump’s signature legislation that jump started the best economy of my lifetime and that continues … more
Dear Editor All men are flawed, whether they run for political office or not. We look in vain, for perfection among men.Yet, we all want the best elected servants available that can fulfill the job … more
Dear Editor We Christians and we Catholics in particular have recently been increasingly “encouraged” to voice our support for more and more stringent laws prohibiting abortion. … more
Dear Editor God & Christ task us, no compels us to go beyond our political myopia, ethnocentrism & biases to be fierce disciples for justice and truth throughout his creation, our world. They … more
Dear Editor “You are a stiff-necked people”. (God instructing Moses on what to say to the Israelites – Exodus 33:5). You have been voting Republican for so long that you think that … more
Dear Editor As I began to read last weeks news article about the Libertarianism is on the rise in our community, I feel the need to disagree. Over the last several months this word has been … more
Dear Editor As human beings we’re searchers and strivers every day of our lives. It’s what makes us human. We strive first for food and shelter, but when we’ve assured ourselves of … more
Dear Editor Perry County is changing. Libertarianism is on the rise in our community and state. If you do not pay attention, you will not see it happening. There are several libertarians running for … more
Dear Editor Perry County’s abundant Farming community needs our support! Farming at it’s core is a small business for the Mom and Pop who run the family farm! Soybeans, Corn and Cattle … more
Dear Editor At the risk of belaboring the obvious, an aspect of local Letter-to-the-Editor writing ought to be made explicit: Criticism of MAGA Conservatism is not by nature a promotion of … more
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