MNVM to honor Agent Orange Awareness Day on Aug. 10


August 10 is set aside every year to observe Agent Orange Awareness Day. This date marks the day in 1961 when the substance was first used in Vietnam and is meant to pay tribute to those who were exposed to this deadly compound. Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial will “go orange” to observe Agent Orange Awareness Day.
In 1979, President Jimmy Carter signed off on a Department of Veterans Affairs study of Agent Orange; legislation known as the Agent Orange Act was signed into law in 1991. The Blue Water Navy Veterans Act of 2019 expanded the criteria for Agent Orange exposure to include those stationed on ships off the coast of Vietnam during the conflict.

Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial honors and pays our respects to those who have been affected by Agent Orange exposure on August 10. Throughout the day, informational displays on Agent Orange will be placed around the grounds, followed by the Wall and other monuments “going orange” at dusk. Refreshments will be provided in the Event Room by Girl Scout Troop 72067 and Perry County Health System. Orange candles will be available under the pavilion between 8-9pm for those wanting to light one in memory of a loved one lost to the effects of Agent Orange.
Information on the In Memory program will be available for those wishing to commemorate a loved one lost due to the effects of Agent Orange.