Letter to the Editor: Questions


Dear Editor
Several questions for you.
Do you care about this country?
Do you care about your fellow human beings?
Do you care about truth?
Do you care about this world we live in: its air, water, climate, viability to sustain us/provide us food, shelter, life?
Do you think you have a responsibility as a citizen to preserve and protect them?
If your answer is yes to the above, here are two more questions:
How then can you possibly support someone who has legally been determined to be a rapist, who is a sociopath, a pathological liar, a self-declared would be dictator and proven insurrectionist, a life long traitor to American values?

How can you support a political party and its purported “leaders”, which regardless of his misdeeds, felonies, and overwhelming dysfunctionality; ever more fervidly and obsequiously continues to kowtow to him?
You, we have a choice …..
And the 1st step in making a choice is to get information. This Saturday, Feb. 10th, at 2:30 pm. a candidate for our 8th Congressional District seat will be sitting down with us at Chin’s Restaurant just off the interstate in Perryville. Join us and find out what you’ll need to make a real choice for the future!
And additionally, there will be a Primary Election, March 23rd at the Extension Office Conference Room (in the basement of the County Bldg., 321 N. Main), between 8 am. & 12noon!
Register to vote if you’re not.
Register your thoughts on legislation to create a living minimum wage and protect the rights and wellness of women.
And, take your 1st steps toward protecting our fragile democracy!
Jim Martin