Letter to the Editor: PCMH DO THE RIGHT THING


To the Editor:
Fact, PCMH has lost three very respected physicians and scores of employees. What caused these “top of the line” to resign? In 2019 life changed at PCMH, the work load needlessly increased due to suspect needless patient admissions; many of the incentives were reduced; and for many the stress of working conditions became unbearable.
What could possibly have gone wrong?
I suspect these physicians were friends and shared their beliefs, aggravations and eventually came to one conclusion they could not practice ethical medicine at PCMH.
These physicians and many employees became trapped in the quagmire of the “Who is doing what”, Obviously, the Private board did nothing! “The train wreck should never have happened” What changed at PCMH? Remember the CEO saying in 2016 from the roof top all was well at PCMH. The CEO said how great things were: a CMS rating of 4; one of the top 20 rural hospital in the USA; and was going to make a lot of money.
Unfortunately, the ill conceived plan caused millions to be lost! We are now discovering “Who did What” and now see “Who is doing What.”
With a $1,349,000 hospitalist in the house his consulting physicians soon became resentful and concerned about ethics, potential fraud and the new ideology of the “WHO”. Yes, physicians, nurses and many employees knew something was terribly wrong and resigned. The new ideology ruined lives and destroyed “Our Community Hospital.” Yes, Mr. Wibbenmeyer, Peyton Manning’s words were meant to be inspiring However. his father ARCHIE MANNING inspired Peyton to excellence by these words, “DO THE RIGHT THING EVERY TIME AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.”
My advice to PCMH management, follow the community sentiment, “DO THE RIGHT THING” before we lose our hospital. Stop the scuttlebutt of impropriety, and fraud and just let PCMH serve us as it was originally designed “Our Community Hospital.
This is a difficult life lesson learned for all of us. I am sure the community would forgive liability, if the
“Who Does The Right Thing” Any further decisions regarding PCMH’s future should be postponed until good management with community involvement is in place.
Joe Hutchinson,


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