Letter to the Editor: Connie


Dear Editor,
As the readers of this paper know, I regard Confiscation Connie, (who lurks outside Republican homes hoping to confiscate guns) as the Original Spin of Conservative Echo Chamber propaganda. Connie cultivated the Republican psyche that accepted out of hand Saddam’s non-existentWMD, Birtherism, and the see-thru ruse of a Stolen Election.
Has Connie changed her tactics, hussy-ing-up, showing a little leg? Is she the floozy who led the NRA leader astray?
“The King of the NRA,” Wayne La Pierre, is on trial for cooking the books and “pilfering” organization funds.
I bet it was mademoiselle Connie who turned Lapierre on to Mediterranean Chablis, which he consumed in abundance on his extended vacations on the French Riviera. Them that tell us rioters are “tourists” can be expected to say that pistol-Pierre was merely hunting.
“Yes,” we need to say, “stalking the flock of Gibraltar, no doubt.”

If they claim he was merely fishing, the Chorus ought to be, “Yes, and he was using NRA dues as bait.”
As far back as 1960, ready acceptance of the gun confiscation myth made plain a vein of gullibility in Conservative thinking, but more importantly, the myth reveals a persistent and healthy concern for the growth of Federal power. Skepticism for Central Government overreach is as Republican as Ronald Reagan’s photograph on the fireplace mantel.
So, why are Republicans supporting the colossal expansion of Federal power embodied in Donald Trump’s claims to perpetual presidential immunity? The situation reminds me of 2003, when Conservative foreign policy realism had to bow to Neo-con idealism and the tragic fad of GOP nation-building.
Should we brace ourselves for the flaunting of an Immunity Accomplished banner? Article 1, Section 9, of our Constitution prohibits the creation of an American aristocracy, but our down-to-earth Founders never imagined that a practical people would endure, much less support, a thinly veiled declaration of executive Divinity.
“Stick to your guns!” that’s how Connie would put it. We don’t have to bow, and weathered rules don’t have to bend, just because the wannabe bluebloods tend to go too far.
Jesse Laurentius