Letter to the Editor: Choices


Dear Editor,
Ever heard of a “Pyramid Scheme”? They’ve been used by grifters and cons of every stripe at least since the mid-1800s to separate us from our money.
They go something like this: you sign people on & take their money (and commitment) with the promise that you’re going to use that money (and commitment) to generate more money or something else of value for them, say miracle cure liniments, tax breaks or making your life great, but not just great, but great again, whuuut! The reality of course is the grifters actually put the money in their own pocket and spend it for their own gratification/benefit.
Hmmmnnn…. Sounds a lot like one of our presidential candidates and his purported political party.
Donnie Trump and his “business” cronies have been doing this for decades but, what a deal; after he conned his way to the Presidency in 2016, he has a built in and growing group of potential “rubes”, “suckers” and “losers” as his targets. “Hey, look at me, I was President! I gotta know something!” And by the way, those aren’t my words, they’re what con artists have always called those poor folks most suspectable to their cons. Why in the world would they respect anyone dumb enough to fall for their scams?
Well, this particular scam’s one that’s been so successful, Donnie’s teaching it to all his Trumpettes running for Congress, state houses, etc.
You just spew out a constant stream of mailers, posts and interviews to agreeable “talking/bobble heads” decrying rapists coming across the border, Muslims, lazy, violent Blacks and collectively or variously pedophile, baby killing, Communist, gun stealing, Woke or otherwise obviously subhuman Democrats, and tell them to give you their hard-earned money and you’ll miraculously“fix”/”get rid of” the problem. Then, instead of actually acting to deal with the many substantive problems we have as states and a nation, you spend it to:
1. Spread more lies.
2. Coerce, demean and threaten those who’re actually tasked to solve our problems in our constitutionally created judiciary, law enforcement and regulatory system.

3. Enrich yourself.
4. And, most egregiously, spend it to defend yourself if and when the law finally catches up to your various machinations and illegalities.
5. And, of course you do everything you possibly can to prevent our legislative, judicial or regulatory system from actually working to solve our problems. Why would you? Then you wouldn’t have anything to scam your poor red capped “suckers” and “losers” with!
Wanta run for office as a pachyderm these days? What a life!
You/we do have a choice as Americans. Hang on to your billfold and come out to the Primary Election, March 23rd at the Extension Office Conference Room (in the basement of the County Bldg., 321 N. Main), between 8 am. & 12noon!
Register to vote if you’re not already.
Register your thoughts on legislation to create a living minimum wage and protect the rights and wellness of women.
And, take your 1st steps toward preserving and protecting our democracy!
Jim Martin