City opens survey for future development projects


Perryville is taking the next steps for looking into the future.
It is embarking on the important process of updating their Comprehensive Plan, calling it “Perryville 2045”.
For this plan, the city is asking community members to take part in a survey that will help city staff know what residents are looking for when it comes to future development.
The survey open Tuesday and can be accessed by going to

What exactly is a Comprehensive Plan? It is a long-range planning document that establishes a community’s vision for the future and serves as a road map for achieving that vision over the next 10 to 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan acts as a policy guide providing a framework for the City’s staff and appointed/elected officials to make zoning, development, and other decisions. Whether it’s the future land use map establishing priorities for future development opportunities, placemaking in the downtown, a new street layout or corridor improvements, the plan also allows residents, businesses, property owners, and the development community to find themselves in the plan. The Comprehensive Plan is not a zoning ordinance, subdivision regulation, capital improvement program, or other regulatory document, but rather the basis for the City’s creation and maintenance of such tools which help to implement a comprehensive plan. The Comprehensive Plan identifies priorities related to future land use, street layout, housing, commercial and industrial development, parks & recreation, and other topics that impact the City moving forward.
The city held an open house for this project in March to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan process and share your input of Perryville’s future.
The multi-phase planning process includes a review of existing planning documents; data collection and analysis of existing conditions and trends; public engagement; land use planning & scenario development; the identification and development of community-wide goals and priorities bolstered by objectives, key results, and implementation strategies; and plan adoption. This planning process will include an in-depth update to the City’s existing 2011 Comprehensive Plan that will consider the city’s changing needs and ultimately support the future envisioned by the Perryville community.
The planning process for Perryville’s Comprehensive Plan is being lead by St. Louis-based, planning and economic analysis consulting firm, PGAV Planners LLC. Throughout the planning process, the team from PGAV will work closely with a City-appointed Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee whose membership includes Mayor Larry Riney, City Administrator Brent Buerck, City staff members, and a mix of Perryville residents, business owners, and community leaders. These Perryville experts will support the PGAV team through providing local insights throughout the planning process and ensure that the final plan tells an accurate story of Perryville and the community’s vision for the future.
For more information visit the project website: