Citizens Electric rate increases to take place April 1


In today’s modern, connected world, having a source of safe, reliable, and affordable electricity is crucial. That’s what Citizens Electric Corporation strives to deliver every day.
Citizens Electric Corporation is proud of its efforts to serve your needs in providing reliable service, responsive member services, and proactive and necessary investments in the electricity delivery grid, all while maintaining the financial ability to refund member capital credits on a regular basis.
Citizens Electric Corporation board of directors approved to increase rates to such services beginning with April 1, 2023, electric use.

The new rate will reflect on May 1 billing statements. This is the first change in members’ electric base rates in 8 years. Citizens Electric’s wholesale power costs have increased substantially for the past several years and are projected to continue to increase in the future.
The new rate for residential accounts will be 11.71 cents per kilowatt-hour. The combined effect will amount to about a $8.70 per month increase for the average residential member that uses 1,000 kWhs per month. The monthly service availability charge of $29 will remain the same as it was set in May 2015.
Citizens Electric is a not-for-profit utility with a goal to provide the highest quality electric service at the least cost possible. Rates are notdesigned to make a profit, but simply to cover the costs of providing the electric services.
This rate adjustment is needed due to costs passed down from our electric supplier Wabash Valley. Despite continued modest growth on the system and careful attention to cost-containment measures, employees and board members of Citizens Electric will continue to remain diligent to provide safe, reliable, affordable electric service.