APS raising funds for D.C trip


Students at Altenburg Public School have begun planning a very exciting field trip. During the summer of 2024, the 7th and 8th grade students will travel to Washington DC! For many students this will be their first time in an airplane as well as their first major trip, so the staff is glad that they will get to visit our nation’s capital.
Over the next year, the students involved will be asking their community to support them as they raise the needed funds for this trip. The goal is to raise enough money that every child who wants to go can attend regardless of their ability to pay, and with the communities’ help, APS is confident that it can reach this target.
Before the school begins the fundraising journey, The staff invites you to read what some of the students hope to gain from this experience.
I plan to participate in the Washington DC Trip in 2024. I will be going into 8th grade. I think field trips like these are important because it gives students the chance to see new places and learn new things. One thing I look forward to seeing is the White House or maybe seeing the Washington Monument.  I also think that we will learn a ton about the background history of the White House. Overall I am very excited for this trip!
Field trips like this are very important because they give students like us the opportunity to experience new things. They teach us things and give us time to spend time with friends. When we go to DC, I think the White House would be a very cool thing to see. It will teach us all history and is a very important building to this country. 
I am going on the Washington DC field trip. I am excited to go, but I am scared for the plane ride. I am hoping to see the White House. Field trips like this can help you learn about history.

I think field trips like this are important because they give kids a way to see new things and have memorable and fun experiences while also being educational. I have never been on an airplane, so I am nervous and excited to ride one for the first time. I am hoping to see the capitol building and learn more about our nation’s history.
Field trips are important because you get to learn new things with friends but it’s not at school and you can have fun. I am hoping to learn more about DC and the White House. By participating in the fundraisers we will learn about the value of money.
This trip will be an incredible opportunity for the students to gain firsthand knowledge of the nation’s capital and the workings of our democracy. However, in order to make this trip a reality, the school need your help.
The school will be hosting many fundraisers to raise the necessary funds for this trip, and it would be grateful for any support a person can provide. APS believes that this experience will be invaluable in helping our students become good citizens, with a deeper understanding and appreciation of our country’s democratic principles. A contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in the lives of the students.
If a person is interested in supporting this important cause, the first thing a person can do is come to a bake sale. APS will be at Buchheits on April 8 between 9 am and noon selling treats and baked goods for Easter