Aldermen hold hearing on city budget


The Perryville Board of Aldermen had a very quick public hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2023-2024 City of Perryville Budget during its latest meeting on Tuesday.
No one asked any questions as the board moved onto the rest of its meeting.
“The Board of Alderman did a thorough review of the budget through the Finance Committee,” Perryville City Administrator Brent Buerck said. “The meeting was for the public if they had any input or suggestions. There was no public input so it was really a quick hearing. The next thing we will do is bring back the budget for full approval in the next few meetings.”
Buerck said there were several things in the budget that he is excited about.

“We are going to build some outside Pickleball courts in the park system,” Buerck said. “We are also going to extend Progress Drive from where it ends behind Stonies over to Frank’s Produce. That was part of the Governor’s cost share program. I really like that project because it will help alleviate traffic at McDonald’s.”
Also part of the budget are several projects that have already started and will be finished in the near future. That includes finishing the Ranken Technical College building in Perryville, as well as the Waste Water Treatment Plant as well as the new Perryville Firehouse by Citizens Electric.
“Those are several of the biggest projects that are going to be finished,” Buerck said.
Despite there being very limited input at Tuesday’s meeting, Buerck said that is usually common.
“We have the copies of the budget available for those people who wish to look at that,” Buerck said. “Generally, there is not a lot of input at that point. The Board does a good job throughout the year, and city staff takes notes when people bring up projects. What you see come together is input from people throughout the year. I want people to have input but it doesn’t have to be in a formal setting. If they want to call their Alderman and talk to them , that’s as effective has anything. People have input at other times throughout the year.”