Letter to the editor:

We welcome letters from our readers. Be consise, preferably under 250 words. We reserve the right to edit all letters for style, brevity, space and clarity. No anonymous letters or thank you letters will be printed.

Letters to the editor policy:

All letters must be signed, and the name of the writer and telephone number must be included for verification purposes. The editor may delay publication if necessary to make verification. Names may be withheld upon request at the editor’s discretion.
Because the focus of a community newspaper is local, letters will not be accepted for publication from people who reside outside the local coverage area unless there are extenuating circumstances, and the letters address local topics.

Letters more than 500 words in length may be edited for length or may not be published at all.

The newspaper may limit the number of letters published on the same topic and of the same opinion.

If a letter-writer targets a specific individual or organization, the newspaper may allow the person or organization being addressed to read the letter before publication, and to answer it in the same issue.

Thank you letters may not contain names of specific businesses or individuals (the writer may say “thanks to everyone who contributed”.)

The newspaper will not print any letter that is libelous, or that contains offensive language.

The Republic-Monitor reserves the right to edit, or refuse to publish, any and all letters, and to deviate from this policy.
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