To the Editor:
The people who gave their all to “Our Community Hospital” deserve better!
The Private Board of our hospital, its lawyers, most of the hospital team were present when the question was asked: “Why has the CMS rating dropped from 4 to 1?” A Private Board member state she “did not know the reason!” This was (and still is) a $70 million question.
No one person on the hospital team wanted anything to do with the question. To be fair, three people were not present and I ask for them to be on record for their response. One is VP of Physician Services, one is the former Private Board president, and the last is the former Private Board president’s wife, that is now in charge of Human Resources (nepotism anyone?)
It has been six months since this question was asked. We the People have a right to know. Also, no surprise, we have not heard anything from the entire hospital management team and the departed EX CEO!
Has PCMH Private Board reached desperation mode? I suspect the answer is yes. They have opted to deal with big shots at Mercy Hospital, who are in my opinion basically Market Capitalist. They are not residents of our county, but are being allowed to ask all of the secrets of PCMH. They have asked and will receive complete answers and will use the answers to get their best deal at the demise of our community hospital. Whatever happened to People Care More Here?
I feel healthcare concerns for our county is on the bottom of Mercy’s and the Private Board’s list of concerns. It is obvious: We the People of Perry County will not have any voice in any merger agreement other than what the Amigos have predetermined. We should be made aware of obligations the taxpayers may incur if Mercy cancels.
It is likely that Mercy and PFCC will soon have remorse, if competitive healthcare comes in Perry County.
Joe D. Hutchison,


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