Letter to the Editor: TIME HAS COME TO ‘SHOVE IT’


To the Editor:
People we need to address the elephant in the room.
The wave of mass shootings that are happening in our country. You the GOP saying it’s all about about mental illness. No, it’s not. It’s the easy way some people can get the weapons. The person who did the shooting walked into a gun store and bought an AR-15 and walked out the same day. Went to the medical building and killed four people. The Uvalde shooting an it was an AR-15. In the Las Vegas shooting, it was an AF-15. Since the Uvalde shooting there have been 20 mass shootings. Does the GOP address this? The answer is a BIG NO!!!!!!!! The GOP only listens to the NRA. They want that money. They time has come for the NRA to shove it. People, it’s in your hands. Sensible gun laws. Or no gun laws at all.
Mark Wengler,


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