Letter to the Editor: For the PCMH board of trustees


Board Members:
This is address to only the board members that this applies to (two are exempt).
All we have heard is “continue to receive the BEST health care right here at home.” If this has been such GREAT care, then why do so MANY go to CAPE? (RATING 1)
In the May 12 letter to the editor, it states, “I thank…our physicians and employees to evaluate ALL (??) future.”
I am so glad it was finally revealed that the EMPLOYEES and PHYSICIANS were so instrumental in this decision of OUR lives! Maybe you are giving the rest of the EMPLOYEES in Perry County the GREAT (ha ha) idea that they can jeopardize their jobs by TRYING to run their place of employment. Just wait till Mercy comes in and CONTROLS “your” company. You may be surprised to find yourselves “out on the street.”
You may get to start going to Cape for BETTER healthcare, those of you that are not “put out” will get to go to Festus and St. Louis!
There are too many “families” intertwined in the employees, board members and commissioners to get an UNBIASED decision!
Oh well, SEHealth still has a convenient care facility, so we can still get the “best” healthcare locally!
How much are we, the OWNERS of this property, going to be paid with this NEW lease! This property is an ASSET and should receive a FAIR dollar monthly! When the current and prior lease was signed, it was to GROW our health care. MANY years have passed and it is now time to get a return on our OUR investment. When you make an investment you expect compensation in return!
Mercy will NOT be a PARTNER, but a CONTROLLER! This hospital will be turned upside down, so employees one and all, physicians, unelected board members hold onto your pants, you’re in for a bumpy ride! (as you deserve)
Sorry (not) for you
Sandy Vinson
Disappointed resident


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